I'm speaking @ Scrum Gathering Paris


I haven't written in English for a while on this blog but, in September, things are getting worse: I'll have to talk in English since I'm speaking at Scrum Gathering Paris!

To be honest, I'm not really speaking. I'm merely facilitating a Soft(ware)Ball session. The biggest part of the job will consist in translating the materials and maybe adapting the session to the audience. I have to think about it. Since this is a Scrum event, I assume that only a smaller-than-usual part of the attendees will be coders.

I have never attended to a Scrum Gathering. Actually, I have never been to any Scrum Alliance event. And (should I mention it?) I have never been certified by the Scrum Alliance.
That being said, I'm really grateful to the organizing team for having selected a session that is deeply rooted in agile software development culture but remotely linked to the "Scrum world". I hope it will really bring something to the Scrum community.

After a quick look at the program guide, I'm quite impressed by the international flavor of the event. I expected people from Europe but I did not expect people from all over the world coming to Paris. I still cannot believe that my game was selected for this gathering.

Great time ahead!