Software Craftsmanship Comic Revisited

Last week, I drew a comic about software craftsmanship and I asked for feedback on the software craftsmanship discussion list.
The main output was that my drawing could be interpreted as "software craftsmanship is superior to agile". Since it was not my intent, I'm trying to come with something better.

When you step into the agile world, you start a journey. It is up to each practitioner to find her path. Software craftsmanship is the way I'd like to go on this path because it features values and principles that I like.

Actually, just as a software developer might follow agile principles without claiming to be "agile", one might follow the software craftsmanship principles without labeling herself as a "craftsman".
This might have even happened before the words were invented.
To me, the biggest change with agile a few years ago and software craftsmanship today is that one can read a few word on a manifesto and says "Hey! That sounds like me! This is the place I want to go!".

Software Craftsmanship Path

Alexander Beletsky

good work ) i like that



Oaz 29 juin 2010 - 19:08

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