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I'm speaking @ Scrum Gathering Paris


I haven't written in English for a while on this blog but, in September, things are getting worse: I'll have to talk in English since I'm speaking at Scrum

10 juin 2013 Olivier Azeau

Pod pod pod pod

Thanks to Jeremy D. Miller I just discovered a place that is worth a web surf: Process, People, and Pods. Fred George started to blog less than a month ago and,

09 août 2007 Olivier Azeau

The Time Dilation of an Ideal Day

Ideal Day, Story Points, Load Factor, Velocity... Lots of concepts for a simple goal : predicting the amount of work that will get done for a given date.

17 nov. 2006 Olivier Azeau

Black-box project management

I love metaphors on project management. I just read a good one by Tom Looy : "How Long is a Piece of String?". You can get an estimate by looking at

03 nov. 2006 Olivier Azeau

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